The Gruffalo

Everybody loves Julia Donaldson! We have a whole section of our bookshelf dedicated to her. The Gruffalo was the first Julia Donaldson book Isaac and Samuel read and they fell in love with it immediately and the work of Axel Scheffler brings everything to life so wonderfully.

Isaac and Samuel have spent many sunny afternoons in the garden playing The Gruffalo, finding logs to see if Snake lives underneath, looking for burrows and wondering if Fox is in there.

The boys’ grandmother bought them a Gruffalo cookbook for their birthday and it is fabulous. There are so many super recipes in there, our favourite is roasted fox, the Owl jacket potato is extra yummy too.

Samuel asked if we could have a go at creating Gruffalo eyepatches so we did and he loved the results. The best thing about creating eyepatches for Samuel is watching him confidently skipping to school, he is always so excited for his friends to see what he has on there and his friends are equally as excited to have a look. It’s so lovely to know that something that was once a barrier for Samuel is now something that he loves.

Imagine. Create. Love.

Roald Dahl

Samuel wearing his “Square sweets that look round” patch.

Samuel and his brother, Isaac are both HUGE fans of Roald Dahl and love reading his books. Our favourite so far is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have brought some of his stories to Samuel’s patch collection.

We took our inspiration from The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Esio Trot, Fantastic Mr Fox and The Enormous Crocodile. We also did a special 100th Birthday patch.

As a little girl I loved to read Roald Dahl books and I’m so thrilled my boys love his work as much as I do. We have a couple more books on our shelf that we are yet to read, we’re looking forward to more adventures and maybe even more Roald Dahl patches!

Imagine. Create. Love.

Samuel’s Patch

Welcome to Samuel’s Patch!

I’m new to all of this so you’ll have to bear with me.

Samuel is six and has an eye condition which means his left eye is weaker than his right. To help correct this Samuel has to wear an eyepatch over his right eye in a bid to strengthen his left. Samuel hated wearing his eyepatch and trying to get him to wear it was a nightmare. We came up with the idea of a reward chart, he would have to wear his eyepatch for so long everyday in order to earn a star. This seemed to work for a short while.

In May 2015 we moved to Hertfordshire and a new hospital. At our first appointment there Samuel was given 60 beige patches, there were no pictures, no colours and Samuel hated them. I asked the nurse if we could draw on them. The nurse told us we could do whatever we wanted to our eyepatches and the rest, as they say, is history.

We hope you have fun looking through our eyepatches. We have had so much fun playing around with different designs and favourite characters. Samuel and his twin brother, Isaac have even created their own patches.

This has made such a difference to Samuel’s attitude towards wearing his eyepatch so we thought we would share our story so that other boys and girls can get creative too.

Imagine. Create. Love.

Thank you,

Samuel’s Patch.

Hello There!

Hello! Welcome to Samuel’s Patch.

Samuel is 6 years old and has been wearing a patch for three years. He always hated it and putting it on was a nightmare. We came up with the idea of creating our own. We pick our favourite book characters or film characters, things that Samuel is learning at school, topical things like Christmas, Diwali, Easter, Chinese New Year, it’s really lots of fun.

Samuel has a Twitter page too ( @samuelspatch ). We put all of our photos on there and say what inspired us.

The aim of this blog is to put the word out there. I know so many people who find getting their child to wear a patch so difficult. This blog is to say “Use your imagination!” “Get creative!” “Love your patch!”


Imagine. Create. Love.


Samuel’s Patch.

Let’s Get Creative!

Now that Isaac and Samuel are six we thought it would be a good idea to let them have a go at creating their own patches. The results were fabulous and Samuel really loved wearing his own designs.

We have found the best things to use when drawing on our patches are Crayola Twistables because the colours are beautiful and vibrant, they are thin so you can put as much detail on your patch as you like and the waxy texture helps the colour to stick to the patch meaning your patch picture stays bright all day!

Isaac and Samuel had a great time getting creative and their patches got lots of lovely comments from their friends, teachers and parents.

Isaac and Samuel drew eyepatches that had characters from their favourite films like Despicable Me, The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, Finding Dory but they also drew a collection of random things such as a princess locked in a tower, a chimpanzee swinging in a tree, a strange blue cat-like creature affectionately named “Samuel ScaredyCat”, half of them didn’t really make sense but they had such fun getting involved.

Try letting your little one have a go at this, it gives them a whole new world of opportunity. If they want an elephant riding a unicycle, they can draw it! If they want a rainbow pizza with a face having a dance, it’s done. Nothing is impossible with this. They can use their imaginations as much as they like. There is no limit and it’s wonderful to see Samuel feeling so positive towards patching!

Imagine. Create. Love.

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