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Welcome to Samuel’s Patch!

Samuel is six and has an eye condition which means his left eye is weaker than his right. To help correct this Samuel has to wear an eyepatch over his right eye in a bid to strengthen his left. Samuel hated wearing his eyepatch and trying to get him to wear it was a nightmare. We came up with the idea of a reward chart, he would have to wear his eyepatch for so long everyday in order to earn a star. This seemed to work for a short while.

In May 2015 we moved to Hertfordshire and a new hospital. At our first appointment there Samuel was given 60 beige patches, there were no pictures, no colours and Samuel hated them. I asked the nurse if we could draw on them. The nurse told us we could do whatever we wanted to our eyepatches and the rest, as they say, is history.

We hope you have fun looking through our eyepatches. We have had so much fun playing around with different designs and favourite characters. Samuel and his twin brother, Isaac have even created their own patches.

This has made such a difference to Samuel’s attitude towards wearing his eyepatch so we thought we would share our story so that other boys and girls can get creative too.

Imagine. Create. Love.

Thank you,

Samuel’s Patch.

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