On a grey, miserable morning I like to lift the mood with upbeat pop music in a bid to get Isaac and Samuel out of bed. Our current favourites are;
• The Boo Radleys – Wake Up,
• Elton John – Crocodile Rock and I’m Still Standing,
• Madness – Baggy Trousers and
• Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling.

“Can’t Stop The Feeling” is on repeat in our house and Samuel is constantly jumping around the house, singing and dancing away to this song. And where did we first hear this magical feel-good numbers? Trolls!
We snuggled up one evening under an assortment of blankets and throws to watch Trolls. Mini Pizzas and popcorn at the ready and homemade cookies in the oven and making the entire house smell heavenly.

Isaac and Samuel instantly fell in love with both the movie and the music and have been playing “Trolls” ever since. Samuel even asked me if we could change his name to Branch – no Samuel, no we can not.

You all know what happened next, we decided to create Trolls eyepatches. We have done Poppy and Branch, Samuel LOVES them and they have gone down a treat with his friends. There is a skip in his step when he’s happy with his patch, he just can’t wait to get to school and show everyone.

Unfortunately Samuel broke his glasses last night which means that I have to start a hunt for the world’s smallest screwdriver. This means Samuel will have to patch without his glasses for the next couple of days until I can get them fixed. Boys, eh?

Have a Troll-tastic week!


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