Something beginning with F…

Spring is here. Daffodils are popping up all over, the mornings are lighter and the dawn chorus is glorious. Our pond has had a few pesky, unwelcome visitors recently including a heron and a fluffy grey cat but we also have some very exciting news. Our frogs are back and we have frogspawn!

Our frogspawn inspectors went out there to assess the situation and they were both very pleased indeed. We have spent hours hovering over the pond, frog spotting, the boys love it.

Ponds are great learning tools. Ours has taught us the life cycle of a frog, all about algae and why it isn’t good for fish and which animals each fish, in other words which animals we should be shooing away from the pond.

The last couple of spring/summers we have had a good number of frogs and it’s brilliant for the children. The only time it’s a nuisance is when you’re trying to cut the grass and there are what seem like hundreds hidden away. My poor husband spent about an hour and a half one day scooping them up and throwing them back in the pond before resuming lawn mowing.

We all had a good laugh and the boys learned something along the way. It’s things like this that give you inspiration for eyepatches. Take inspiration from your surroundings. Last year we had a frog eyepatch because Samuel spent his afternoons squatting by the pond waiting for Mr Frog to make an appearance. A year on and both boys were back in their usual spot examining the frogspawn, as soon as he had finished it was mentioned that maybe would should do another frog eyepatch.

So, take a look around you. What’s there? Spring! Flowers, baby animals, birds, frogs!
Have a think and most importantly, have fun!


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