World Book Day!

World Book Day! What fun! Isaac and Samuel spent weeks deciding what they would be. Part of me was growing impatient as I wanted to start sorting their costumes but then I realised that them having so many favourite books that they couldn’t decide which one to choose is no bad thing.

Last year our school didn’t have a fancy dress day for World Book Day so we drew a simple World Book Day eyepatch.

This year, things got messy. Orange and green and messy. The school had instructed us to come along dressed as someone or something from our favourite book. Isaac decided he would be Paddington Bear. Less than a week later he wanted to be The BFG and he even commented on maybe being the peach from James and the Giant Peach. Samuel started off wanting to be Thing 2, he couldn’t persuade Isaac to be Thing 1 so that idea didn’t last long. Samuel then toyed with the idea of being Fantastic Mr Fox, he playfully acted out the story before my eyes and I thought we were on to a winner, but no, Samuel had a whole new idea…

A little later, the boys walked in to the room as if they were pitching a business idea to a big shot investor. They announced their characters, Isaac would be Mr Willy Wonka and Samuel his head Oompa Loompa. I must admit I loved it and agreed that’s what we should do.

We spent the next week collecting bits for our fancy dress day. My mother-in-law said Mr Wonka could borrow her Grandfather’s silver top cane and a top hat she had bought from an antique shop last year. That with the green hair spray and orange face paint that had come in the post that week and we were ready.

World Book Day arrived and Samuel had barely opened his eyes before we started to spray his hair green. It looked amazing and his Bed Hair (usually my nemesis) was actually making life easier. After breakfast we painted him orange and got dressed. Isaac, who is fiercely independent and loves looking smart took himself off and returned in a velvet tail coat, navy trousers, and a top hat, he was holding a wooden cane which was nearly bigger than him.

They both looked fantastic and were so eager to get to school and show their friends. Isaac and Samuel had to take a copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to school with them, a book they both adore, we couldn’t put it down.

On fancy dress days at school I let Samuel have a day off patching but we’re creative in other ways and it means he can get properly in to character. After all, whoever saw an Oompa Loompa in an eyepatch?

Imagine. Create. Love.

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