Monkeying around.


Everyone Meet Sam. Sam is Samuel’s favourite monkey. He was lovingly knitted by Samuel’s Great-Grandmother, Sheila. Sam has been on lots of adventures with Samuel and is beginning to look a little, er, loved. He has little dangly bits of wool under his arms and a knot in his tail. Luckily, Nan has a special knitted animal A&E department so Sam is in good hands if anything terrible happens.

Sam is one of a collection of monkeys that Samuel owns. He also has; Monkey Oo-Ah, Bananas, Ihoho, Peter and Fred, there are many, many more.

Ihoho is also a very special monkey because Ihoho was a gift to Samuel at Christmas. Ihoho is a mountain gorilla who lives in Rwanda, he is around 5 years old and lives with his mother and their troop. We adopted Ihoho through the WWF as a present to Samuel because he loves monkeys and gorillas so much. Samuel’s brother, Isaac, also has an adopted animal, he adopted a rhino, Lankeu, who lives in Kenya. The boys were super excited to learn that Rwanda and Kenya are so close together meaning that Lankeu and Ihoho are neighbours, how lovely!

Isaac is also doing a sponsored walk for Save The Rhino in April and Samuel is helping. We will walk from Tower Bridge in London to Buckingham Palace, that’s just over 4 miles! If you would like to sponsor him you can do it here:

You can be inspired by anything and everything. Samuel loves monkeys which lets us play on that. We designed a Sam patch and a Christmas Gorilla patch. We also painted Sam on Samuel’s bedroom wall. What does your child love? Explore.

Imagine. Create. Love.

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