Saturday Morning Thoughts.

imageSaturday morning, Isaac and Samuel are in the conservatory happily sketching away on blank patches. Samuel is excitedly talking about his ideas for the next batch and Isaac is listening to what his brother would like.

I love that both Isaac and Samuel enjoy designing their own patches, it gives them another thing to bond over. For Samuel, it makes it less of a medical thing and more of a creative thing. It gives him the chance to draw whatever he wants, there are no boundaries, wearing a patch is now “his thing”.

In his first week at school, a girl told Samuel that he couldn’t do a certain classroom task because he had glasses. Samuel was really upset by this. Luckily, they were discussing “What Makes Me Special” in class that week so I had a word with his teacher and she made a point of saying Samuel’s glasses and his patch are what make him special.
Wearing his patch was still an issue though, it would see me chasing him round the playground at 8:49am trying to get him to put it on. Obviously victory was short lived, as soon as I stuck the patch to his face he would cry, the patch would go soggy and we would have to accept that patching wouldn’t happen today.

As soon as we started to play around with designs Samuel’s whole attitude changed. His first homemade patch was a pirate patch. He let me put it on before the school run and he kept it on for two hours! TWO HOURS! I couldn’t believe it.

I was born with the same eye condition as Samuel and I had to wear patches for a few years. I hated it. I truly did. I also had beige patches, they were so drab. One of my earliest memories is my father scratching 101 Dalmatians transfers on to my patches with a penny. I remember feeling happy with my patches once my Father had modified them. This is what inspired me to make the whole experience more fun for Samuel.

Stick at it (no pun intended, unless you liked it, then it was intentional), I know it sometimes feels like you’re fighting a losing battle. I know how frustrating it is when your child doesn’t understand that you’re doing this for their own good. Even if you can’t draw, they can and they’ll love it. Or buy stickers. Princess stickers, Superhero stickers anything. It will make the whole process a lot easier on them and a lot easier on you. Talk to you child and see what you can come up with.

Imagine. Create. Love.

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