The Gruffalo

Everybody loves Julia Donaldson! We have a whole section of our bookshelf dedicated to her. The Gruffalo was the first Julia Donaldson book Isaac and Samuel read and they fell in love with it immediately and the work of Axel Scheffler brings everything to life so wonderfully.

Isaac and Samuel have spent many sunny afternoons in the garden playing The Gruffalo, finding logs to see if Snake lives underneath, looking for burrows and wondering if Fox is in there.

The boys’ grandmother bought them a Gruffalo cookbook for their birthday and it is fabulous. There are so many super recipes in there, our favourite is roasted fox, the Owl jacket potato is extra yummy too.

Samuel asked if we could have a go at creating Gruffalo eyepatches so we did and he loved the results. The best thing about creating eyepatches for Samuel is watching him confidently skipping to school, he is always so excited for his friends to see what he has on there and his friends are equally as excited to have a look. It’s so lovely to know that something that was once a barrier for Samuel is now something that he loves.

Imagine. Create. Love.

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