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Hello! Welcome to Samuel’s Patch.

Samuel is 6 years old and has been wearing a patch for three years. He always hated it and putting it on was a nightmare. We came up with the idea of creating our own. We pick our favourite book characters or film characters, things that Samuel is learning at school, topical things like Christmas, Diwali, Easter, Chinese New Year, it’s really lots of fun.

Samuel has a Twitter page too ( @samuelspatch ). We put all of our photos on there and say what inspired us.

The aim of this blog is to put the word out there. I know so many people who find getting their child to wear a patch so difficult. This blog is to say “Use your imagination!” “Get creative!” “Love your patch!”


Imagine. Create. Love.


Samuel’s Patch.

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This Joyful Eastertide.

The Easter story is one of the most wonderful stories of all time. Easter is such a special time for us as a family and it’s important for us to learn and worship together. Samuel and Isaac learn about Easter every year at school, in a little bit more detail each time, we also talk about Easter at home and what it means for us, as Christians.

It’s no secret that Samuel LOVES donkeys and one morning he asked me to draw Jesus riding in to town on a donkey. It was nearly Easter, so I did. The rest of the week carried on in the same way. We had Jesus turning over the tables in the temple, Jesus before Pilate and the Last Supper. Samuel really enjoyed this theme and he loved telling his friends (and his teacher) all about the Easter Story. It really is lovely to see Samuel excited to put on his patch each morning, the fact that he is learning too is just a bonus!

We hope you had a really joyful Easter.



On a grey, miserable morning I like to lift the mood with upbeat pop music in a bid to get Isaac and Samuel out of bed. Our current favourites are;
• The Boo Radleys – Wake Up,
• Elton John – Crocodile Rock and I’m Still Standing,
• Madness – Baggy Trousers and
• Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling.

“Can’t Stop The Feeling” is on repeat in our house and Samuel is constantly jumping around the house, singing and dancing away to this song. And where did we first hear this magical feel-good numbers? Trolls!
We snuggled up one evening under an assortment of blankets and throws to watch Trolls. Mini Pizzas and popcorn at the ready and homemade cookies in the oven and making the entire house smell heavenly.

Isaac and Samuel instantly fell in love with both the movie and the music and have been playing “Trolls” ever since. Samuel even asked me if we could change his name to Branch – no Samuel, no we can not.

You all know what happened next, we decided to create Trolls eyepatches. We have done Poppy and Branch, Samuel LOVES them and they have gone down a treat with his friends. There is a skip in his step when he’s happy with his patch, he just can’t wait to get to school and show everyone.

Unfortunately Samuel broke his glasses last night which means that I have to start a hunt for the world’s smallest screwdriver. This means Samuel will have to patch without his glasses for the next couple of days until I can get them fixed. Boys, eh?

Have a Troll-tastic week!


Something beginning with F…

Spring is here. Daffodils are popping up all over, the mornings are lighter and the dawn chorus is glorious. Our pond has had a few pesky, unwelcome visitors recently including a heron and a fluffy grey cat but we also have some very exciting news. Our frogs are back and we have frogspawn!

Our frogspawn inspectors went out there to assess the situation and they were both very pleased indeed. We have spent hours hovering over the pond, frog spotting, the boys love it.

Ponds are great learning tools. Ours has taught us the life cycle of a frog, all about algae and why it isn’t good for fish and which animals each fish, in other words which animals we should be shooing away from the pond.

The last couple of spring/summers we have had a good number of frogs and it’s brilliant for the children. The only time it’s a nuisance is when you’re trying to cut the grass and there are what seem like hundreds hidden away. My poor husband spent about an hour and a half one day scooping them up and throwing them back in the pond before resuming lawn mowing.

We all had a good laugh and the boys learned something along the way. It’s things like this that give you inspiration for eyepatches. Take inspiration from your surroundings. Last year we had a frog eyepatch because Samuel spent his afternoons squatting by the pond waiting for Mr Frog to make an appearance. A year on and both boys were back in their usual spot examining the frogspawn, as soon as he had finished it was mentioned that maybe would should do another frog eyepatch.

So, take a look around you. What’s there? Spring! Flowers, baby animals, birds, frogs!
Have a think and most importantly, have fun!


Monkeying around.


Everyone Meet Sam. Sam is Samuel’s favourite monkey. He was lovingly knitted by Samuel’s Great-Grandmother, Sheila. Sam has been on lots of adventures with Samuel and is beginning to look a little, er, loved. He has little dangly bits of wool under his arms and a knot in his tail. Luckily, Nan has a special knitted animal A&E department so Sam is in good hands if anything terrible happens.

Sam is one of a collection of monkeys that Samuel owns. He also has; Monkey Oo-Ah, Bananas, Ihoho, Peter and Fred, there are many, many more.

Ihoho is also a very special monkey because Ihoho was a gift to Samuel at Christmas. Ihoho is a mountain gorilla who lives in Rwanda, he is around 5 years old and lives with his mother and their troop. We adopted Ihoho through the WWF as a present to Samuel because he loves monkeys and gorillas so much. Samuel’s brother, Isaac, also has an adopted animal, he adopted a rhino, Lankeu, who lives in Kenya. The boys were super excited to learn that Rwanda and Kenya are so close together meaning that Lankeu and Ihoho are neighbours, how lovely!

Isaac is also doing a sponsored walk for Save The Rhino in April and Samuel is helping. We will walk from Tower Bridge in London to Buckingham Palace, that’s just over 4 miles! If you would like to sponsor him you can do it here: http://m.virginmoneygiving.com/mt/uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=IsaacRhinoWalk&un_jtt_redirect

You can be inspired by anything and everything. Samuel loves monkeys which lets us play on that. We designed a Sam patch and a Christmas Gorilla patch. We also painted Sam on Samuel’s bedroom wall. What does your child love? Explore.

Imagine. Create. Love.

World Book Day!

World Book Day! What fun! Isaac and Samuel spent weeks deciding what they would be. Part of me was growing impatient as I wanted to start sorting their costumes but then I realised that them having so many favourite books that they couldn’t decide which one to choose is no bad thing.

Last year our school didn’t have a fancy dress day for World Book Day so we drew a simple World Book Day eyepatch.

This year, things got messy. Orange and green and messy. The school had instructed us to come along dressed as someone or something from our favourite book. Isaac decided he would be Paddington Bear. Less than a week later he wanted to be The BFG and he even commented on maybe being the peach from James and the Giant Peach. Samuel started off wanting to be Thing 2, he couldn’t persuade Isaac to be Thing 1 so that idea didn’t last long. Samuel then toyed with the idea of being Fantastic Mr Fox, he playfully acted out the story before my eyes and I thought we were on to a winner, but no, Samuel had a whole new idea…

A little later, the boys walked in to the room as if they were pitching a business idea to a big shot investor. They announced their characters, Isaac would be Mr Willy Wonka and Samuel his head Oompa Loompa. I must admit I loved it and agreed that’s what we should do.

We spent the next week collecting bits for our fancy dress day. My mother-in-law said Mr Wonka could borrow her Grandfather’s silver top cane and a top hat she had bought from an antique shop last year. That with the green hair spray and orange face paint that had come in the post that week and we were ready.

World Book Day arrived and Samuel had barely opened his eyes before we started to spray his hair green. It looked amazing and his Bed Hair (usually my nemesis) was actually making life easier. After breakfast we painted him orange and got dressed. Isaac, who is fiercely independent and loves looking smart took himself off and returned in a velvet tail coat, navy trousers, and a top hat, he was holding a wooden cane which was nearly bigger than him.

They both looked fantastic and were so eager to get to school and show their friends. Isaac and Samuel had to take a copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to school with them, a book they both adore, we couldn’t put it down.

On fancy dress days at school I let Samuel have a day off patching but we’re creative in other ways and it means he can get properly in to character. After all, whoever saw an Oompa Loompa in an eyepatch?

Imagine. Create. Love.

Saturday Morning Thoughts.

imageSaturday morning, Isaac and Samuel are in the conservatory happily sketching away on blank patches. Samuel is excitedly talking about his ideas for the next batch and Isaac is listening to what his brother would like.

I love that both Isaac and Samuel enjoy designing their own patches, it gives them another thing to bond over. For Samuel, it makes it less of a medical thing and more of a creative thing. It gives him the chance to draw whatever he wants, there are no boundaries, wearing a patch is now “his thing”.

In his first week at school, a girl told Samuel that he couldn’t do a certain classroom task because he had glasses. Samuel was really upset by this. Luckily, they were discussing “What Makes Me Special” in class that week so I had a word with his teacher and she made a point of saying Samuel’s glasses and his patch are what make him special.
Wearing his patch was still an issue though, it would see me chasing him round the playground at 8:49am trying to get him to put it on. Obviously victory was short lived, as soon as I stuck the patch to his face he would cry, the patch would go soggy and we would have to accept that patching wouldn’t happen today.

As soon as we started to play around with designs Samuel’s whole attitude changed. His first homemade patch was a pirate patch. He let me put it on before the school run and he kept it on for two hours! TWO HOURS! I couldn’t believe it.

I was born with the same eye condition as Samuel and I had to wear patches for a few years. I hated it. I truly did. I also had beige patches, they were so drab. One of my earliest memories is my father scratching 101 Dalmatians transfers on to my patches with a penny. I remember feeling happy with my patches once my Father had modified them. This is what inspired me to make the whole experience more fun for Samuel.

Stick at it (no pun intended, unless you liked it, then it was intentional), I know it sometimes feels like you’re fighting a losing battle. I know how frustrating it is when your child doesn’t understand that you’re doing this for their own good. Even if you can’t draw, they can and they’ll love it. Or buy stickers. Princess stickers, Superhero stickers anything. It will make the whole process a lot easier on them and a lot easier on you. Talk to you child and see what you can come up with.

Imagine. Create. Love.

Aliens on Eyepatches

One of Samuel’s all time favourite books is Claire Freedman’s Aliens Love Underpants, what little boy wouldn’t love a book about aliens and pants? In October we decided to draw lots of Isaac and Samuel’s favourite book characters on their bedroom wall and there’s a cheeky green alien in bright orange pants in the middle.

Guess what came next, an Aliens Love Underpants eyepatch of course!

The lovely Claire Freedman commented on Samuel and Isaac’s mural and was excited by his Aliens Love Underpants eyepatch. Aliens Love Underpants, along with Aliens in Underpants Save The World, is a firm favourite in our house and I’m sure it will continue to be.

It’s always such fun being able to bring Samuel’s favourite characters to his eyepatches.

Imagine. Create. Love.

Dr. Seuss

The Cat in The Hat. What a brilliant book. Isaac and Samuel are fairly new to Dr. Seuss and his work but have already decided that The Cat in The Hat is one of their favourite books.

Being twins, Isaac and Samuel have been referred to as Thing 1 and Thing 2 for some time (they literally have been there and have the T-shirts – thanks to Auntie Keeley and her trip to Universal Studios) and Samuel has alway been Thing 2 for no other reason than he was the second born.

So, when it came to thinking of a new idea for patches recently Samuel decided Thing 2 was the way to go and maybe even the Cat in the Hat himself.

Samuel loved his Cat in the Hat patches and so did one of his closest friends and her mother who is a HUGE Dr. Seuss fan.

Imagine. Create. Love.

Marvel Mania!

I am yet to meet a little boy that doesn’t enjoy pretending he’s a superhero. Samuel and his brother are constantly running through the house in masks and capes, pretending they have some kind of superpower.

Can you guess what happened next? Yes. We started to think about superhero patches. Samuel strutted in to school with his Hulk eyepatch and jumped in to school (flicking his wrists at everyone) wearing his SpiderMan eyepatch.

All the boys (and some of the girls) loved it too and little crowds gather round him in the playground.

Samuel decided that wearing his super cool eyepatches was his superpower and that people thought he was really special for wearing them.

Imagine. Create. Love.

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